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Growing Up Grizzly | Smithsonian Channel

Join Montana wildlife filmmaker Casey Anderson as he rescues
Max, a grizzly cub abandoned by his mother in Alaska. Max is destined to die if Casey and the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a bear sanctuary in the Paradise Valley, takes him in so he has a chance at a better quality of life. On the other side of Yellowstone Park in the Tetons, a young cub of the year has been separated from his mother. She has become habituated to the roadside and has created a public frenzy.   
Casey is confronted with what is best for a cub without its mother. Should people stay away and let it try and survive and possibly reunite with it's mother, or intervene changing the course of the small bears wild existence?


               Legends of the Ice Mountain             

Coming to PBS Nature

There is a puma paradise at the end of the world – a stronghold for these magnificent cats, amidst the mountain wilderness of Patagonia in South America. Torres del Paine National Park in Chile provides everything for pumas to survive and thrive: plenty of space to roam the region, vast herds of guanacos to prey on, and no competition from other large predators.

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